The best thing about L.A. Ink

February 18, 2008

…is Hannah Aitchison. Her pin-up tattoos are something else…







Whoah, Joe Capobianco!

February 7, 2008

Sure, we’ve all been thrown out of a web cafe/public library/catholicism*/marriage for looking at nudey tattooed girls on the internet, right? But lets forget the sins of the flesh, and concentrate on the tattoos on the flesh. Apart from BME, which is astonishingly hit and miss, there is no great resource for great pin-up tattoos, despite it being one of the most popular styles. Which is where this succinctly-named blog comes in. I intend to present a rolling resource of the very best pin-up work by the world’s master tattooists.

Lets start with one of the best, and arguably one of the most distinctive; Joe Capobianco. He has so many wonderful examples of his work, but lets start with a taster…


*or Islam. I’m currently subject to two fatwas.